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Safe Routes to Schools

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an approach that promotes walking and bicycling to school. Nationally, 10%–14% of car trips during morning rush hour are for school travel. SRTS initiatives attempt to improve safety and levels of physical activity for students. 

SRTS activities can be an opportunity to try taking more trips on foot or bicycle. Choosing an active transportation mode can provide community benefits, health benefits, environmental benefits, improved test scores, and decreased traffic. 

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation

Crossing Guards

Please be aware, crossing guards are no longer provided by the City of Lawndale. As a result, we encourage parents/guardians to spend time reviewing street safety rules with their children. The maps (linked left) show possible routes to school with street crossings marked for each school.

Safety Tips

Walk Safely

  • Be alert. Look left, right, and left again before crossing the street. At four-way intersections, also look over your shoulder for cars that may be turning. 
  • Don't assume drivers see you. Make eye contact - especially at intersections and driveways. 
  • Cross at corners or at a marked crosswalk. This is where drivers expect you. 
  • Follow directions from crossing guards. 

Bike Safely

  • Always wear your helmet and buckle it every time; it's the law! To best protect your brain, your helmet must fit properly: snug and level on your head, just above your eyebrows. 
  • Be predictable. Follow the same rules of the road as drivers when riding your bike. This includes obeying all stop signs and traffic signals, as well as yielding to people walking. 
  • Ride on the right hand side of the road, in the same direction as traffic. Watch out for turning cars and cars coming out of driveways. 
  • When riding on the sidewalk, ride slowly and watch out for people walking as well as cars coming out of driveways. 
  • Be alert. Watch out for drivers turning left or right, or cars coming out of driveways. Avoid doors being opened in front of you by riding out of the door zone. 

Drive & Carpool Safely

  • Slow down in school zones. The safe speed may be below the 25 mph speed limit.
  • Be aware of students walking or biking to school – use extra caution. Students think drivers can stop instantly and may not be able to judge speed or distance of vehicles moving toward them.
  • Obey “No Right Turn on Red” signs. This allows students to cross safely without cars turning through the crosswalk.
  • Yield to people walking in crosswalks.
  • Avoid making U-turns and other unsafe maneuvers.
  • Never double park. Don’t block red curbs or disabled access ramps.
  • Ensure your student gets out of your car on the curb, not near traffic.
  • Set a good example by following instructions of crossing guards.
  • Try to carpool whenever possible to help increase safety near schools.

Source: Safe Routes to School

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

We are asking for your help to address challenges with traffic congestion during drop off and pick up of our students. In order to provide a safe system and avoid traffic citations, please adhere to the following guidance. 

  1. Do not double park your car if you are dropping off or picking up your children.  Please do not allow your children to enter or exit your vehicle while in a traffic lane.  When dropping off or picking up your child, always pull to the curb in a legally marked parking space.
  2. Do not park in areas that are marked with red curbs or in areas designated for school bus zones.  These areas are not intended for personal vehicles. Red curbs are designated as “no parking” zones to ensure that traffic moves smoothly and that drivers do not have their visibility impeded by illegally parked vehicles.  Bus zones are designed so that school buses have a safe spot to stop and to allow children access to the bus. 
  3. Watch for “no stopping” zones. The City of Lawndale’s Parking Enforcement officers are closely monitoring  “no stopping” zones around our campuses. During the posted hours, the City of Lawndale asks that you not pause in your vehicle in these areas, even if you are waiting for an opening to turn into a designated drop off area.  If there is no direct access into a “drop-off” zone due to other vehicles ahead of your vehicle, you must continue forward on the street so as not to impede traffic behind you.  Failure to do so may result in a citation being mailed to you by the City of Lawndale’s Parking Enforcement.
  4. Plan your route to school. Consider walking with your children to school whenever possible to help ease congestion or dropping off your children earlier so that they can eat breakfast. The school drop off window is 8:00 to 8:30. For more information about Safe Routes to School, visit

If there are continuing concerns about the existing traffic signage or City of Lawndale’s Parking Enforcement policies and procedures, we recommend that you reach out to the City’s Municipal Services Department at 310-973-3220. For the FDR/Carson neighborhood, please contact California Highway Patrol at (424) 551-4000.