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An open letter to parents of children with disabilities in grades K-8 who are enrolled in private schools.


LESD works under a Private School Memo of Understanding with other districts in the area.  This agreement explains roles for each district when it comes to assessing and serving students who attend private school in Lawndale or who live in Lawndale and attend private school outside of Lawndale. Generally, the district in which the private school is located is responsible for "Child Find" and completing "timely and meaningful consultation" with local private schools in their District boundaries. After receiving information from either the private school or the parent of a student with a suspected disability, the District in which the private school is located,  will provide parents and/or private school representatives with the next steps in obtaining an assessment from your student's District of Residence. The District of Residence of your student is responsible for assessment and to conduct an IEP to review eligibility of your student. If the student is eligible, the district in which your student resides will make an offer of placement and services.  If the parent chooses to decline the offer, a private school service plan will be developed by the district in which the private school is located.


Dear Parents:


Changes in federal law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), have a direct impact on providing services to pupils in private schools. Specifically, while IDEA provides for services to be provided in private schools, the mandate only provides for the use of federal funds available per pupil. The type of service we provide is based solely on a decision of the SELPA, based upon input from our private schools. We will be providing consultation to private school teachers to support academic development as our Private School services for this school year. This is typically 5 hours of consultation time during the 10 month school year.


When assessments are completed, Lawndale Elementary School District will schedule an Individual Evaluation Plan meeting to review the results. At this meeting, your district of residence will determine if your child is eligible for special education services and develop a complete IEP. If you elect to enroll in the district’s public school, then the IEP will be implemented. If you elect to enroll or continue to enroll your child in a private school, then the district of location of your private school will offer to develop a Private School Service Plan. Your child will be able to receive the services recommended on the IEP only if you decide to enroll him/her in the public school system.


Families retain their right to due process as it relates to the IEP, however federal protection and due process does not apply to the Private School Services Plan. These new mandates have changed our focus in providing services. If you have questions regarding these issues, additional information is available via the Southwest Special at (310) 680-5770 or you may contact the Special Education Office at (310) 973-1300.



Sharon Azmon

Director of Special Education