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Lety Varela

Director of Teaching and Learning

Robert Gonzalez

Ed. Services Logistics Technician

Professional Development

 “Teachers in a learning community...are not "inserviced." Instead they engage in continuous inquiry about teaching.  They are researchers, students of teaching, who observe others teach, have others observe them, talk about teaching, and help other teachers.  In short, they are professionals. ”

Roland Barth

Professional Development Plan

Goals for Professional Development in the Lawndale Elementary School District cascade from the established District Goals. 


1. Elementary School: mathematics and high-quality collaboration, studying California's new ELA/ELD Framework that will support our 2017-2018 adoption of curriculum

2. Middle School: Content study and standards-alignment

2. All ongoing: Designing and providing instruction that responsive to the needs of English Learners


All LESD Professional Development is:

1. Research-based

2. Responsive to the needs of students

3. Driven and designed by student data

4. Collaborative

5. Ongoing and focused continuous improving


Teacher leaders are available to support the implementation of all professional learning. 


Seek out your Math TOSA, English Learner Instructional Resource Teacher, or Language Arts Specialist for support with demonstration lessons, co-planning, co-teaching, or classroom visits.