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Memorandum of Understanding- Classified Hiring Procedures


LESD and LFCE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 22, 2018 and agreed to a document outlining the hiring procedures for all classified positions on July 31, 2018.   In October, 2017, LFCE shared with the District management that they had intended to advocate for a Merit System.  Concerns were expressed about consistency in classified hiring practices.  


As a result, LESD and LFCE representatives met numerous times to understand and address LFCE’s concerns. Those meetings concluded in June with the attached MOU. In July, we developed a document entitled “Hiring Procedures – Classified”, which is also attached.    


The following Questions and Answers (Q and A) are meant to ensure clarity and answer questions about the MOU.  Please read through the information and contact your site LFCE representative for further details.


Frequently Asked Questions


An MOU is a type of agreement between two or more individuals/parties.


In the past, employees would have a 9-month probationary period.  With the new MOU, current permanent unit members who transfer to a new classification, shall have a 6-month probationary period.  Example: a current permanent RAP Program Leader is hired as an Instructional Assistant.  Since the employee already passed a 9-month probation as a RAP Program Leader, s/he will have a reduced 6-month probation period within their new Instructional Assistant classification.  


There is a 6-month probationary period for permanent employees who move to a position in a new classification.  The employee should discuss this with his/her supervisor.  The supervisor will complete the evaluation before the end of his/her 6-month probationary period.  The LFCE contract (Article 11.4) states that an employee in a new classification who does not successfully complete his/her probationary period shall be returned to his/her former position.


If you are in a circumstance where your seniority list status is needed, your supervisor or union representative can consult with Angie Berlin in Human Resources.


Yes, you must apply for a transfer by completing the reassignment request form.  The most senior employee who completes the request before the three (3) day deadline will be offered the position.


If no one applies for a transfer to a vacant position within the same classification offering more hours during the three (3) day internal posting, the position will be posted externally and the reassignment request form paperwork can be submitted, however, the employee would participate in the interview process.  Seniority is not considered after the three (3) day internal posting period.


Every classified employee is evaluated prior to May 1st.  Probationary employees receive 2 evaluations within 9 months.  Permanent employees who move to a new job classification must be evaluated within 6 months.



No, there is no probationary period for an employee moving within the same classification to a position with greater hours.  The individual is a permanent employee and his/her evaluation is to be completed before the May 1st deadline.


A "minimal overall rating of meeting standards" on an evaluation is the cumulative rating from the total scores on the classified evaluation sheet.


The employee's "most recent performance evaluation" is used to determine eligibility.  


Please contact your site LFCE representative.