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Classified pd Committee

Karla Bertran
Karla Bertran
Director of Purchasing

Carl Williams
Carl Williams
President of LFCE

Blanca Romero

Blanca Romero
Director's Secretary

Robert Gonzalez

Robert Gonzalez Jr. 
Ed Services Logistics Technician

Jen Rivas

Jen Rivas
Attendance Clerk 

Classified Professional Development




Missed a session from last year?  Resources and recordings are available below:

Date                               Session Title
March 17           

Communication Best Practices  with Google Workspace

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

Video on YouTube

March 24

Building Resilience in Times of Stress Part I

[Recording & Resources]

April 21

Building Resilience in Times of Stress Part II

[Recording & Resources]

April 28

Getting Creative with Communication

[AM/PM Recording & Resources

Video on YouTube

May 12

Reviewing your Digital Workflow: Digital Routines & Productivity

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

May 19                             

Organizing & Managing your Google Drive: Emphasis on Shared Drive

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

Date Session Title

October 28

Google Workspace: Chrome & Drive

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

November 4

Google Workspace: Gmail, Calendar, Meet 

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

November 18

Google Workspace: Forms & Spreadsheets

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

December 2

Google Workspace: Keep & Kami

[AM/​PM Recording & Resources]

December 9

Google Workspace: Slides

[AM/PM Recording & Resources]