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Special Diets

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Food Services is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students in need of dietary modifications that are supported by a medical statement. Staff and parents are encouraged to further explore the Food Services Web page for resources for students with special dietary needs. These include a Medical Statement form, Nutrient Lists, Allergy Information table and other important information.


Medical Statements

The completion of the Medical Statement is required to ensure that the modified meal is reimbursable, and to ensure that any meal modifications meet nutrition standards that are medically appropriate for the child.

Medical Statements are in effect until the condition changes or until the student transfers, promotes to a new school, or leaves the district. If the condition changes, a revised Medical Statement form signed by a recognized medical authority must be submitted.

For children with disabilities who only require modifications in texture (such as chopped, ground, or pureed foods), a recognized medical authority's written instruction, indicating the appropriate food texture is recommended, but not required.



Sample Menu


For additional and more specific information, contact John Rivera at (310) 973-1300 ext. 50048