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Safe. Clean. Ready!

The Lawndale Elementary School District strives to provide a safe and clean environment that is ready for learning!


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Safe Hygiene

  • Illness policy that emphasizes for individuals to stay home when sick. 

  • Reinforce regular hand washing with soap and water.

  • Daily wellness screening to check for symptoms of COVID-19.

Social distance

Safe Distancing

  • Require individuals to keep 6 feet apart whenever possible.

  • Cohorting of students and staff.

  • Limit congregate settings or gatherings.

  • And more depending on LA County guidelines.

safety equipment

Safe Equipment

  • Require cloth face coverings for students, staff, and visitors.

  • Clear safety barriers in office reception areas.

  • Additional equipment  such as face shields & thermometers, as required.




New Tools

New cleaning tools to enhance cleaning:

  • Electrostatic sprayers
  • Disinfection misters
  • Technology-safe wipes

New Standards

  • Regular disinfection of surfaces and restrooms throughout the day.
  • High indoor air quality by regularly changing HVAC filters in classrooms.

Decentralized cleaning

Decentralized Cleaning

Disinfectant and training made available to all staff to help maintain a clean and safe environment.




flexible plans

Flexible Planning

Continuous development of flexible plans that can be adjusted based on new guidance and the needs of our community. 

Plans prioritize safety and include: emergent case response, mental wellness, meal service, alternative forms of instruction, and more.



We will continue to communicate regular updates, information from health experts, and re-entry plans to our community. 

Stay connected to @LESDschools and regularly check for important updates.


expert guidance

Expert Guidance

We remain connected to experts from the Los Angeles County Office of Education and Department of Public Health to ensure all of our plans & actions are based on expert guidance and grounded in facts and science.



*Plans are based on available guidance from experts and is subject to change based on new information, the needs of our community, and public health orders. The words “safe” “clean” and “ready” are intended only to categorize the actions the district has or may undertake in those areas.