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Who Should I Contact?

(310) 973-1300

Luis Diaz

Accounting Coordinator

X 50019

  • Accounts receivable and invoicing
  • Field trips and transportation reimbursement
  • Grants with teacher release time
  • Master teacher agreements
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Construction


Classified Payroll

X 50016

  • Payroll for classified employees 
  • Track vacation and sick leave balances for classified employees

Zoila Galindo

RAP Account Clerk

X 53217

  • Attendance reporting for after school students
  • New attendance software implementation for after school
  • Financial expenditure reporting
  • Handles special one-time afterschool grants
  • Additional hours (require board approval)

Amanda Garcia Rangel

Certificated Payroll

X 50015

  • Payroll for approx. 315 certificated employees
  • Payroll for substitute teachers 
  • Track sick and vacation balances for certificated employees

Ramona Martinez

Senior Accounting Clerk

X 50017

  • Bank deposits 
  • ASB for Middles Schools, financial reporting
  • Local grants, donation budgets, and reports
  • Purchase requisitions

Mary Pun

Accounts Payable Clerk

X 50014

  • Invoices
  • Employee conference reimbursements
  • Employee purchase reimbursements
  • 1099 vendors


Accounting Coordinator

X 50018

  • Categorical budgets
  • Position control
  • Grant expenditure and cash reporting to CDE