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What is ACT, SART, & SARB?

¿Que es ACT, SART, y SARB?

ACT: Abolish Chronic Truancy Program places hearing officers from the District Attorney's Office at school sites to meet with parents or guardians of students with attendance concerns.


SART: The Student Attendance Review Team is the last attempt of the school site to try and resolve attendance concerns before the case is referred to SARB.


SARB: The Student Attendance Review Board summons parents and students who have been unable to resolve attendance concerns at the school site level or who have established a pattern of excessive absences or tardies. Our goal is to assist families in resolving attendance concerns. However, failure to adequately improve attendance can result in a citation by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department or criminal prosecution by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.

ACT: "Abolish Chronic Truancy Program". Este programa de La Fiscalia del Condado tiene el proposito de reunirse con alumnos y padres que tienes problemas de asistencia.


SART: "Student Attendance Review Team". Esta junta es el ultimo intento de la escuela en tratar de resolver problemas de asistencia antes de que el caso sea recomendado a "SARB".


SARB: "Student Attendance Review Board" se reune con padres y alumnos que continuan faltando o llegando tarde a la escuela. El proposito es ayudar a las familias en resolver problemas de asistencia. Sin embargo si la familia no ha resuelto adecuadamente la asistencia del alumno, esto puede resultar en que la familia reciba una infraccion por "Los Angeles Sheriff Department". Tambien la familia puede ser enjuiciada por "Los Aneles County District Attorney's Office".